Land Matters is a research-based arts collective
formed in August 2013, located in South West Cornwall.

Land Matters recognises the term land as a processual site within which life operates as an emergent and deeply embedded constellation of relations. In this context creative practice is understood as an inter-disciplinary and porous device with which to investigate land processes and change. The artists involved in the collective are all interested in an engagement with and consideration of matter, where the life-worlds of multiple human and more-than-human agents operate within the mutable registers of time and space.

The group is made up of artists whose work ranges across and between processes of landscape change, deep time and ecology; connectivity, sustainable futures within communities and community activism; flexible contingencies within community engagements, labour practices and embodied, direct experience of sites; materials research and the expanded fields of performance, sculpture and painting; the questioning of methodologies and forms of materially mediated landscape representation, and the relationship between research and creative practice.

The first Land Matters project is being developed in West Penwith, Cornwall.
From this base, we will be considering national/ international projects and collaborations in rural and urban sites.

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